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Hello everyone, and welcome to the My Lifestyle Healthy Skills website.

Over a span of years, I consciously decided to research and learn a lot about the importance of health, putting it into personal practice!

Having a healthy mind and body has been one of my passions ever since I was 15 years old. I purchased different alternative products, studied personal development, and made exercise till nowadays within the body and mind world. And I always tried to improve my health without separating the interrelationship of the mind, physical body, and emotions..

Although, not only achieving a great physical, athletic, and fit body with healthy eating and physical exercises. But also interrelating it to our emotional well-being, to free ourselves from unconscious conflicts which give room to different symptoms and physical discomforts that affect our lives unconsciously, even having amazing bodies.

I am very happy and excited to share and offer other people many updated tips, exercises, and useful stuff that can help you CHANGE your life today.

Why choose a Healthy Lifestyle

I was brought up within a humble family being the youngest of 2 older brothers and a younger sister, where my mum was so busy bringing us up, that she didn´t have time to listen to my concerns or stuff I considered important in my childhood regarding my body, due to being chubby, as well as suffering from school´s bullying. Besides that, I couldn´t bear watching my dad smoking the whole day without doing any exercise or looking after himself, staying obese for years…

I CHOSE to do something about my BODY which I didn´t like very much, so I would literally spend hours reading magazines, books, and buying all kinds of stuff about how to change my body, how to improve my health eating better, and exercising. Then, I boosted physically and mentally searching for different holistic workshops and assisting many alternative techniques courses taking a 90 degree turn into a more conscious life.

How to change your mind, body goals

It´s important to acknowledge that although we could have genetic limitations or a physical disability, we can still aim to improve our health by being realistic of course. When you make yourself conscious that everything is possible, a little discipline can really and truly lead you to succeed with your mind and body goals.

When you realize that only our minds limit ourselves, everything is possible if you want to choose a Healthy Lifestyle because we create what we believe!.

And I would like to add also, that thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, the best platform I have ever joined, regarded as the one with the best training for building a successful business online. I´ve learned to believe more in myself by building my website creatively, and step-by-step through all the versatile teaching tools offered. And I would like to mention, that the cost of joining Wealthy Affiliate has not only been well worthy, but it has also brought me the reward of trusting myself to keep dreaming big while building a webpage with enthusiasm and heart to help other people, plus materializing my Life Project within a future present.

Start with loving yourself, learning by doing

You can not expect to empower and embrace a healthier lifestyle if you don´t do anything about it, or think you can´t do anything. I invite you to start learning to love yourself a little more every day, to do some changes within your Lifestyle.

The information I am going to be sharing here with all of you, focuses on helping other people improving their mind, body, and well-being skills, underlying that practice makes perfect, and the only way of finding it out is LEARNING BY DOING.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Love always :-))

Mónica Segura Ferrero

"Bioneuroemotion Therapeutic Companion & Founder of Holistic Healthy Lifestyle"


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