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1. Why Yoga on the beach- Awesome for your health!

Probably on more than one occasion you have thought or even considered practicing yoga and the thing is that in recent years the love of yoga has been increasing for its innumerable benefits. Some prefer to practice yoga on the beach, others in the gym or centers specialized in yoga, and others, perform retreats in which they also meditate.

This ancient discipline from India is based on the union of body, mind, and soul and it´s considered one of the best systems of integral care that exist. Although, I would like to concentrate on the benefits of practicing Yoga on the beach.

Yoga goes far beyond a sport and it will change your Lifestyle!

2. 7 Benefits/advantages of practicing yoga on the beach

On the one hand, it´s scientifically proven that practicing yoga improves our physical and mental health, and on the other hand, science states that living ¨near the sea¨ is beneficial for our health as well…so if you join them together by ¨Practicing yoga on the beach, it can become the most delightful gift that your body and mind shouldn´t miss. These are some many benefits that this practice offers to all of us and that you should know:

  • Reduces stress and guess what! by being exposed to sunlight we produce vitamin D, so it´s a perfect excuse to practice outdoors as much as we can.
  • Improves mood and concentration
  • Increases lung capacity
  • Improves breathing and energy with better oxygenation when breathing fresh air due to the clean environment. So, why not take the opportunity to breathe deeply during practice and clean your lungs at the same time with clean air.
  • Improves blood circulation, and what happens is that the changing surface of the sand forces the body to seek stability making small adjustments constantly forcing activating more certain muscles. Therefore, being more intense, although an awesome exercise!.
  • Improves postural hygiene and flexibility as the beach is a good place to practice standing balance postures ( asanas), due to being a challenge but it also allows improving and deepening them. The changing surface of the sand forces you to seek stability with the coordination of the muscles of the body.

So, What are you waiting for to start a Yoga Class NOW?

3. Yoga Classes in Lloret de Mar

If you live in Lloret de Mar or surroundings, and you would like to practice "Yoga on the beach". I bring you several options where you can enjoy this discipline that drags so many followers and benefit from all its miraculous benefits:

  • Sa Boadella Beach
  • Fennals Beach
  • Santa Cristina Beach

4. Yoga and Bioneuroemoción®

Yoga has been one of my passions for years, which continuously inspires me and helps me to continue learning this art with a humble attitude and discipline, to evolve internally, and to be a better person showing my best version to the world. Another one of my passions that helps within my self-knowledge process is Bioneuroemoción®. A method founded by Enric Corbera that combines scientific, philosophical, and humanistic disciplines, to offer a deep understanding of the origin of our emotional conflicts, pursuing to transcend the unconscious individual, family, and cultural beliefs that direct the life of the human being, and to achieve emotional freedom.

It´s not a therapy or a treatment, but a way of seeing and understanding life complementary to any other discipline, so I offer you to practice Yoga plus accompany you also with Bioneuroemoción® in a private session.

5. Join me for a great plan!

We will practice basic ¨ Hatha Yoga sequences¨ with the sound of the sea so that you use its rhythm for your own “flow”, seeking to create ¨Harmony and Connection¨ among your breath, your body, and Mother Nature.

I recommend going early in the morning or at sunset, when there are fewer people around, to enjoy the peace and tranquility of meditating afterward in front of the sea with soft sunlight with greater concentration and tranquility of mind as well.

Bear in mind that much sunlight isn´t advisable when practicing Yoga!

Treat yourself to the best wellness experience enjoying the tranquility, and if you want you can immerse yourself in the water after a yoga class as well.

I organize private/group Yoga Classes on the beach, garden, or on your private terrace. I also organize workshops to make natural ointments easy having a lot of fun. You can contact me by WhatsApp ( 0034 657012539):

  • €55/one and 1/2 hours per person
  • €65/one and 1/2 hours per couple
  • €15/one and 1/2 hours / per group 5-10

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions, you can ask me anytime!

Love always,

Mónica :-))

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