How To Eat A Healthy Breakfast

Nowadays Breakfast is one of the most important foods of our day, so much that we must include certain supplies so that our body is 100 percent at all times to help us have a good physical and intellectual performance.

It´s the time of the day when the body needs the energy to start functioning.

Although many times we have or have had doubts about What breakfast is the right one!

That is why I invite you to continue reading and follow some simple steps I recommend that will surely benefit you to get a breakfast not only healthy but complete to start seeing things and life differently!

1. The 3 essential macronutrients

The main macronutrients that our body needs are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, and of course that the sources of these macronutrients are healthy and complete.

So to make it a bit more versatile, I would like to talk to you first of all about a sweet breakfast and secondly about a salty one, so you can choose and vary during the week.

2. Sweet Breakfast

For the sweet breakfast, we are going to be creative and I invite you to design your homemade muesli. And I mention this because many mueslis that are sold within supermarkets have many added sugars as well as additives that don’t suit us. So we are going to elaborate it creatively and healthily by simply adding natural raw materials:

1. Carbohydrates. We use oat flakes since it is a cereal that gives us a lot of fiber, it is very digestive, and it also provides many vitamins and minerals. We add in a bowl 7 tablespoons of oat flakes.

2. Proteins + Fats. We use nuts and seeds as they provide us with proteins and fats at the same time. We can use hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews, although the important thing is that they are natural plus they aren´t fried or salted. Because when nuts are fried they lose their properties as the fat they have is very healthy but when fried it oxidizes and stops being polyunsaturated and therefore so healthy.

In this muesli, we add hazelnuts, since they have a lot of calcium and are very good for our bones. We add about 15 approximately and we also add roasted sesame seeds, as they also have a lot of calcium but in this case, roasted as the calcium is easier to digest.

The amounts are going to vary in the needs and calories that the person needs, meaning this is a standardized breakfast for an active person.

3. Dehydrated red fruits. I have chosen red fruits ideally sugar-free (fresh ones can be added as well) because they are very antioxidant. Add a couple of tablespoons to give it a sweet touch!. Remember that the great benefits of oats mixed with red fruits, for their antioxidants, help us strengthen the immune system.

And bear in mind this is a sweet breakfast, although we are used to breakfasts full of refined sugars. But when we get used to not taking this type of refined sugar, we will begin to taste sweetness in the oat flakes, the nuts, and the seeds.

Once we have all the muesli ingredients added we will finally add a glass of a vegetable drink of soy or oatmeal or even yogurt if you prefer it, remove them all to have them mixed well, and ENJOY IT!

3. Salty Breakfast

For the salty breakfast, we can be creative as well, so why not bake your bread using Whole grain recipes if you have time and don´t want to buy it, the great thing is to be open to different possibilities. We are going to elaborate it easily:

1. Carbohydrates. We choose a slice of the baked bread. Bear in mind that one thing that it´s extremely important is the use of whole organic flour as it is more complete and gives us more minerals, vitamins, and fiber.

2. As a source of Fat we choose extra virgin olive oil ( organic if possible also) and I specify extra because it´s the one which has a lot of the good properties of the oil. I would also add a few slices of tomato or you could also use tomato smeared on top of the oil.

3. As a source of Protein we choose sheep’s cheese from raw milk, but If you eat meat and don´t like cheese you could replace it with 2 slices of Iberian ham as the fat it has is polyunsaturated and healthy.

As a drink, I recommend black tea with cinnamon or any others you like for those who need a little theine in the mornings, or even coffee with oatmeal plus cinnamon as well, simply delicious!

4. Benefits of a healthy breakfast

It´s important to know the benefits of a healthy breakfast, above all, to try not to skip it every day, or at least give it the importance deserved. Among some of them are:

  • 1. Muscle mass maintenance, because of giving the muscle energy from the early hours of the day.
  • 2. Better concentration and performance. Our glucose levels don´t descend if we have breakfast.
  • 3. Keep our metabolism active by avoiding the accumulation of fat.
  • 4. It favors a healthy diet during the day, avoiding arriving with a lot of hunger and anxiety to the rest of the meals.

5. Conclusion

What many people don’t realize is the impact that an unbalanced breakfast can have on our overall health. So being essential to mention this because many studies verify that skipping it or neglecting its nutritional quality can cause problems of obesity, gastritis, diabetes, or various cardiovascular ailments.

Different studies show as well that people who eat a consistent breakfast are less prone to being overweight since the metabolism is more active in the mornings.

My advice is to have breakfast with fruit and whole grains because it has satiating effects, and it will prevent you from obsessing over food. In addition to this and to make your life easier, I would have an organized pantry with the things that are handier so that breakfast does not catch up with you and you end up skipping it or having a bad one.

You have no excuses now to skip a healthy and Yummy breakfast!

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions, you can ask me anytime!

Love always,

Mónica :-))

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