The Power To Connect With Your Gifts!

I reflected on some of my gifts, meanwhile, I was listening to a passionate Spanish guitarist named ¨Paco de Lucía¨, considered the best contemporary flamenco guitar player. One of the most virtuous of this instrument in my country and worldwide, plus how he really connected with one of his gifts and gave it to the world!.

1. Why we don´t give ourselves the POWER to connect with our gifts?

I believe that we all have certain gifts, however, when you ask someone about them, usually you get an answer like ¨I don´t know ¨ or ¨I don´t have any special gifts¨.

Probably, in his/her mind, a special gift has to do with things that would leave anyone with their mouth open, almost even with things that could be taken to a talent show!

But to believe that we haven´t got any gifts, it´s nothing more than a ¨Limiting Belief ¨installed in the ¨Subconscious¨, to keep us within the famous comfort zone.

Because if I recognize my gifts and I want to align my life with them, I’m going to have to change things, That´s for sure!

And there’s always that part of us, ¨Our inner saboteur¨, who prefers to stand still, without taking the risk to shine, even if it makes us pay for the risks covered by our dissatisfaction!

2. What gifts can we have?

Well, when talking about gifts, we often limit them to artistic or professional subjects, although the concept of gifts is broader than that.

What I mean is that we all have gifts ingrained within us, really developed for certain things, which manifest themselves in all facets of our lives, as long as we allow them to do so. I’ll give you an example:

If a person has, for example, the gift of ¨order¨, he will create order wherever he goes, in his home, in his work, and in his life in general.

And if a person has the gift to ¨lead¨ others, she will do so both at work, as in her personal relationships, being a reference person, within her group of friends, family, colleagues, partner, etc.

3. What is the key?

We are all good at certain things and not so good at others…

THE KEY is to find out both!

I think we were all designed to ¨Connect with our Gifts¨, so pursue what is in your heart and find a way to give it to the world!

It could be your beauty, your experience, your love, your inspiration, your passion, your encouragement…

So don´t wait any longer, keep your gifts n mind, use them with determination in your life, because that way you will feel connected to your INNER POWER!

Do you know about all your GIFTS?

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions, you can ask me anytime!

Love always,

Mónica :-))

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